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Fall is on the way

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Yes, I believe I can say summer is over. Well not techinically but by most standards, it’s over.  Fall and the colder weather are approaching, (I started this a few days ago when it was much colder btw) Sunday was quite warm in my little apartment – I’m going to blaim it on Pauly ;).  And the last few days have been decent, but its quite chilly in my place tonight – it was raining for a while which cooled things right down, but its calmed down again by the looks of it.  However I’m actually looking forward to the Fall season, I love the changing of the seasons, specially when its Fall.  The great clothes, the warm colours, and the yummy food and the new apartment that we are going to be moving into in less then 50 days!

Yup, we’ve both given our notice and Pauly and I are going to be searching for a new place to call home – together!  I can’t even tell you how excited I am that i’ll get to see him every day and that I won’t have to come up to an empty apartment any more, I won’t have to travel and hour in the same time to see him, or take a bag to work anymore!  It’s going to be fantastic.  Yes i’m a bit worried about all the things that go along with moving in with someone for the first time.  But it’s almost been a whole year since Paul and I started dating, and we’ve yet to have a real fight – sometimes things are just right!


And on an even cooler note, I got my sock swap package today!  I LOVE everything!   There was yarn, needles, stitch markers, a row counter, burt bees hand cream, a silver plated yarn holder, a cool sock book, some romance novels, “To think that i saw it on mulberry street” – one of my all time favourites, lavender smelling stuff, and chocolate and candy!  I mean what could have been better?

And I made this cool mosaic to showcase it all to you from fd’s Flickr Toys which was way cool too! 

And I finally got a chance to both Manda in Lancaster and Amanda in Guelph today, so I feel a bit better about that – and I think Pauly and I are going to visit her and Maya Thanksgiving weekend, since Miguel will be away, she’ll need the company and Maya has gotten her first tooth, and is just about crawling, so I have to get back to see her – Can’t wait – only a few weekends away. 

Manda sent me a pretty funny “anniversary card” today which made me giggle – it was 6 years ago today that we became friends.  Unfortunately we have a very bad reminder of the day we became friends – although sometimes i’m glad I didnt watch the news that morning to find out the horror that was happening in New York, I might not have never asked her “do you know whats going on” and we wouldn’t be the great friends we are today. So Happy 6-year Anniversary Manda – missing you lots!

 Over all its been a good day.  Although I should get going, there is knitting and cleaning that awaits me.  Just incase, yesterday was mom and dad’s anniversary so Happy Anniversary!  And hopefully tomorrow night if all goes well at work, I’m going to meet Paul, Lindsay, Tanya and James for drinks, so that should be good.  Okay, off I go. Nite!


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September 11, 2007 at 8:59 pm

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Oh blog how I have neglected you…

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As I have been neglecting so many things in my life these days. My job and lack of interest for it has completely taken over my life.  So much so that I haven’t been doing much of anything for weeks.  I’ve been ignoring just about everything in my life. 

First off my friends, oh how i miss you three girls.  Amanda D called me 3 weeks ago and I haven’t called her back yet, i’m such a bad friend.  I totally forgot that Stpeh and Steve were going on holidays last week, and I didnt even know that Manda M was going to Florida!  I swear one day i’ll make it up to you guys.

 I have however got some knitting done (mainly on the bus back and forth to work, and the half hour before i go to bed and need to calm my nerves)  I finished my blue socks – both of them!  But I don’t have pic’s of the pair, but i do have a pic of my first monkey sock!

Monkey Sock - DetailIsn’t it purdy!  I’m so happy with it, it took me just over a month (eek, for one sock, i know!)  but i’m hoping (fingers crossed) that maybe i can knit the entire second one this weekend while we are camping.  I’ll give you the update when we get back.

Now i had a whole list of things i want to blog about (like the fact that there are only 349 people a head of me in the waiting list for Ravelry!) but most of them i can’t remember, and secondly I gotta run cause we are on the way up to the trailer.

 But i promise i’ll catch up when I return!

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August 31, 2007 at 9:47 am

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Testing…Flickr uploads

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Okay, lets see if this really works.  Attempting to upload silly pictures of me from flickr using a easier method.


Update: IT WORKED! woo hoo!

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August 9, 2007 at 11:46 am

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It’s been a while, but I’m back.

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Man, its been so long since i’ve wrote a real post! Only one post in July and so much happened! Not enough time to catch up, although I’ll try!  It’s been such a brutal few weeks at work, working late, and dealing with a lot of crap, and there is an average of at least one person quitting per week – so we are losing people left right and center.  And of course nothing is getting better. 😦   Although on an upside, my strategy article was posted again this time in media in Canada – and I’ve got a bunch of emails from rep’s and clients saying congrats which does make the day go by a bit better. 

Anywho, on to some pictures – I’ll try and some up the month in a photo-montage for you!



Pic’s from a relaxing Canada Day weekend in Meaford & the Blue Jay Game with Jesse & Mel on July 6th!


Pic’s from the 50’s Party – which despite the rain was a big success!  Everyone had fun, ate hotdogs, popcorn, floats and did the twist!  Pic’s from Justin & Sabrina’s wedding – even when amanda and I aren’t trying, we still look hot!


And then finally some pic’s from my week with Manda, Maya and Steph back home!


Okay enough pictures i think for now! I think that’s an overload – although i’m Happy i figured out to upload pics from flickr since i think the wordpress uploading thing sucks – it takes longer this way, but i think in the end it will be better – no space to fill up!

Oh ya – I also got my first secret knitting pal package, some great sock yarn, in which i’ve cast on for knitty’s monkey socks – which are looking cool.  I’ve also been working away on a bunch of other knitting projects – which i’ll have to blog about later.  This weekend is crystal and dave’s wedding – should be fun, got a new dress to look all cute in – and hopefully it doesn’t look to tight and it actually looks good – we’ll see.   night for now  🙂

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August 7, 2007 at 10:46 pm

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bad bad blogger

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eeek!  oh my gosh has it really been almost a month since i’ve posted.  I know i’m bad. very bad. but i have excuses. (not that excuses count, but i do have a few)

1. Crazy busy at work.  At least 8 plans for fox this month, 1 briefing meeting, random emails from non-exsistant client in germany, and countless other random stuff.  No longer have an assistant as she was taken (after I spent 3 months training her) to work on another “in need” team – FYI – we are ALL in need – we are seriously short staffed!!!

2. Canada Day Long Weekend away in Meaford.

3. Constuction/sewing of 3 poodle skirts – death of me!

4. More working Late – real late – for two weeks (making up for the long weekend days off) until at least 8 or 9 every night 😦

5. knitting turtle for jo – started before christmas as christmas gift, not finished in time, decided to use as b-day gift in June, still not finished in time, housewarming gift in July, still not finished.

6. Planning for 50s Party

7. 50’s Party weekend.

Which brings us up to this week – in which i’m scrambling at work since Crystal is on holidays and Mike is gone for the rest of the week at a conference. Eeek.  I was hoping to post a bunch of pics tonight, but laundry came first. So just a quick update and hopefully pictures of stuff to follow later this week. Although no promises.  Manda comes this weekend, and Justin’s wedding is on Saturday, and hoping to spend Sunday with Paul – since i’m leaving next week to go to Guelph and visit with manda, maya and Stephie – Can’t wait!  A mini-holiday with my best girls!

 Anywho, its bed time, tired again.  I promise pictures soon.

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July 17, 2007 at 9:54 pm

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What a week.

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Although I hate Sunday’s – and even though this Sunday hasn’t been any better then any other sunday, I’m still glad that tomorrow is the start of a new week. 

I can’t even really pin point when the week started to get bad – it could have been last Sunday when I started to attempt the poodle skirts, or monday when I got called in to help with a new business pitch at work, but either way it went down hill fast.  Even though I told work I had plans, and even though I vowed to myself that I would leave work at a resonable hour I still ended up staying late every night, I did mange to get out before 8 on wednesday so I could run to the mall and finish picking up the rest of my secret pal package, and something to wear to golf day this week.  On thursday I stayed late to finish plans and had to miss the Perennial Art Show and although Paul has said its no big deal – it was a huge deal to me.  On top of everything that happened at work that day, and not seeing Paul since the weekend, I totally had a meltdown.  I didn’t want to be there and I had no choice.  And as much as I wanted to be strong I couldn’t hold it in.  From then nothing seems to be going right.  Work on friday was no better and I stayed late again, only to come home to an empty apartment. 

On Saturday I tried to be productive, I got up early, and spent the morning reading blogs and internet searching of random knitting things.  Had a shower and packed up my secret pal gift – decided the best way to mail it was to get a quote from UPS and Canada Post to see which was cheaper.  UPS wanted 120 dollars – to ship a box of yarn that was worth less then $40 over seas!  ARE YOU KIDDING ME!  I was shocked, and thank goodness for Canada Post who’s quote of $28.00 seemed far more reasonable! (although that was even a lot)  After that I stopped to get a cinnamon bun at the bakery and came home.

I managed to tackle a few WIP’s yesterday to calm down, although they’re not completely finished they are getting there.img_2349.jpg  I got the body of Sheldon done for my cousin Jo – and two legs – only one shown in this picture. I’m hoping to either have it done by this weekend so I can bring it when we go up north, inimg_2347.jpg hopes of a belated birthday present. (however after last week its doubtful – so perhaps in time for the 50’s party in July) I also got the back done on the Baby Yoda sweater for Maya – hoping to have it done by July – and i’m not worried about it.  I have finally booked off 3 days to go and visit.  July 25th – 27th so I can go and spend some time with manda and maya, and hopefully steph. So that took up most of yesterday, I can’t really remember what else i did, some reading, chatted with Kim for a bit and then went to bed. 

Today (the dreaded Sunday) I was determined to have a good day. I wanted to go to the zoo – but no one wanted to go – and I thought about going on my own, however I don’t think the zoo is a place you can have a lot of fun alone – at least not after the week I had.   So the number one project/goal for the day was to finish the poodle skirts, at least mine and hopefully Chrissy’s – sadly that did not happen.  I do not know why i’m having such problems with this poject.  It’s quite easy when you look at it from a pattern perspective. One big circle with a little circle in the middle jump in and tada!  img_2351.jpgHowever heming the waist band and added elastic its the worst thing ever! I’ve been staring at this for 3 hours.  Thinking it will just come to me on how to sew it so it will a) look good and b) actually work like it should.  It’s now 11pm and it hasnt come to me yet. I have this dreaded feeling that this isn’t going to work as I planned. 

Still didn’t get a chance to see Paul and although its not a big deal, its only been a week, i’m still upset about it.  I talked to him briefly on msn this afternoon only to find out that our big camping weekend plans aren’t so big anymore.  I hate being at the mercy of other people.  I think thats the main reason I don’t get out more often, i don’t drive (and unlike the rest of the people in my life – I don’t have an issue with it) however I don’t like depending on other people to get me places.  So i just don’t go.  This weekend we are getting a ride up to Meaford with Paul’s brothers friend, and its great that they’ve offered to take us and help us out so we don’t have to pay for a rental car or hassle with the bus.  However like I said, we are the mercy of their plans.  We aren’t leaving until after 9pm on friday and we have to come back on sunday afternoon so our long relaxing weekend has become short and includes spending about 70% of the time in the car.  Yes i’m disapointed. I have no control over it, and i shouldnt be complaining – we still get to go, and we don’t have to pay any money to get there – but i’m still dispointed, just seems like another thing to add to the list of things not going my way.  And on top of it Chrissy and Sean are coming down to go to the Zoo next Sunday. It just makes me cry. Uncontrolable flood of tears, all weekend.

alright. enough. time for bed. with hopes of a better week.  I’m suppose to go to a golf clinic on Wed. with Flo and Rob from Time.  And can you guess the only day this week they are calling for rain and thunderstorms? Is someone up there following me with some sort of bad curse?  grrr. bed time.

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June 24, 2007 at 10:15 pm

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Hot Hot Hot – and WIP’s

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Yes I know i’ve said it before … my apartment is a close to being a sauna.  And as if it could have gotten hotter then that – it has!  My computer says its 25 degrees C out side, the TV says its 29 degrees C outside, and i’m pretty sure its closer to 37 degrees in my apartment! 

And so i’m blaming the heat for my lack of fuction today.  I had all the best intentions.  Got up early with Paul as he had to leave by 10.  Cleaned up a bit with the theory that I was going to get started on the poodle skirts – in the morning I got as far as laying out the fabric and reading the pattern twice.  When i got frustrated with that i moved on to knitting.  I thought today was a good day to showcase all my WIP.  Here it is in all its glory.

WIP - June 17In a circle from top left…that brown row is the start of a pair of Felt Clogs from the Fiber Trends Pattern, next is the ALMOST finished pair of Kroy Socks i’ve been working on since Christmas – i know longest pair of socks ever.  That black lump is my cavern cardi – which looked like a lump this morning, and now is much more like a sweater now (pic below).  That big green square is actually a crocheted blanket I started over two years ago i think – its my longest work in progress.  Blue square is the baby yoda sweater for my little “niece” Maya.  The funny shaped green thing is Sheldon from knitty for my cousin Jo (sorry still not finished – but i’m getting there!)  Next to that is another pair of socks I started from this pattern.  And then there is a pair of brown arm warmers I started when it was actually cold out.  And below it all is a rug that i’m crocheting with fabric and when I actually finish it, its home will be in the kitchen, its so cushy it will be nice to stand on when doing dishes!cavern cardi - june17

 Wow… I don’t think I should be allowed to start any more projects until I finish some of these up … but that won’t happen…lol  I have been working on a few things today the clogs are looking more like clogs now, and if i can finish by the 50s Party I could felt them at mom and dads – its going to be useless to try and felt anything at my place with the pay-per-use washer and dryer.  Here is the progress on the cardi – i’m just loving the way its fitting and i’m hoping to be finished in a few weeks so I can wear it at work.  So at least today wasn’t a totally waste.  And since I started this post a few hours ago, I managed to get one load of laundry done – and put all the dishes away.  

paul & comic bookAnd one more pic before I head off to bed, Pauly and I spent a very nice day together yesterday, just lying around, did some shopping, watched a movie (well he watched, I and while I knit he did some reading, and I can’t help but take a few pic’s of him every once and a while he is just too darn cute!

PS – finally figured out (if you didn’t notice) how to word wrap around my pics.  Exciting for me!

Oh and just incase he happens to take a look – Happy Fathers Day Dad!

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June 17, 2007 at 10:13 pm

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