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Sewing & the SuperBowl

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Okay, since I’ve been doing so well over here, I figured I might as well do a new post over here, for those following this one – you know just to let you know how i’m doing and what not.

Today was a good day (and given the past few weeks, that makes me feel good)  Starting sewing for the Amy Butler Weekender Bag, my goal was to finish it this weekend/ week.  And hopefully i’ll be able to make it cause i’d love to try it out this weekend when we go up north for skiing. 

Here are some of the progress pic’s from the bag.  So far its going well.  I’ve only broken one needle (i’ve read a lot of horror stories of people breaking several needles during the making of this bag (note to self, pick up more needles on way home tomorrow)  And so far everything has been easy to understand.  The worst part was all the cutting and prep work to get started. Hopefully it will be smooth sailing from here in. 

front pockets

img_5564I was also watching the superbowl while sewing.  Not knowning much about Football, i was cheering for the “yellow” cause I like yellow.  And guess what – they won!  Yippee team Yellow. (aka the steelers)  All in all it was a good day, (good dinner too – left over chilli and macaroni & cheese)

But clearly time for bed, shut things down start again tomorrow.


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February 1, 2009 at 11:53 pm

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Temporary New Spot

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Okay, i’ve got a temporary new spot.

I’m trying to keep my blog updated.  So currently you can find me blogging over here:

I’m going to attempt to blog for 101 consecutive days.  If it works, then i should be in the habit and better at updating this damn thing!  Lets see how it goes.  Keep in touch (for those who still read this) .  My mostly write for myself, but I know there is a selected few that follow.  So for you, just an update to check out the new spot, at least for the next 101 days or until i fall off the planet – bound to happen sooner or later!

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January 9, 2009 at 7:24 pm

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Quick Note

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Okay.  So again i’ve discovered that although I love the idea of my blog, and often think of things to post during the day/ on the way to work.  I rarely get a chance to jot them down.

Now i’m sitting here thinking “I should post something” and i’m not sure what to post – go figure.

Some random thoughts for the last few weeks/days:

  • Where did September go?  I mean clearly I spent the entire month at work – with about 70% of the time in tears, i’m glad to say i’ve got through it. Not sure if i’m any stronger, more knowlegable or happier – but thorugh it none-the-less.
  • I love Fall.  Really its my favourite time of the year, when the weather and the colours are all changing.  And I can start wearing my fall sweaters and warmer clothes, and I start buying Second Cup White Hot Chocolate – oh so yummy!  It just makes me feel all cozy and homey.
  • 55% of people on the subway are mean.  They push and shove and give weird looks and are cranky and mean.  Some people are nice though.  And this morning i’m pretty sure I spotted someone I went to high school with, I didn’t get up to say hi – it was early, and I wasn’t sure she would have remembered me – but either way and interesting way to start the morning.
  • I need to work at either having better posture or look at taking yoga/ pilates classes again.  I know I always felt better after taking those classes at young and bloor when I first moved out on my owe – I think going back to take classes wouldn’t be a half bad idea.  I think it would help with panic attacks/ stress.
  • Our Apartment is really messy.  Clearly every weekend away for the last 2 and 1/2 months and working late pretty much every day for a month has got me no where in the area of housework.  I had the lady from upstairs down today to pickup some of the apples we picked on the weekend – and realized just how bad it was.  I’m hoping we can do a real “fall clean” this weekend and make it look liveable and breathable again!

I know I had more to say, but I started watching Hockey and decided to finish working on one of my last plans. (only 2 more days till the end of plan presentations!!!)

Okay, perhaps i’ll have more interesting thoughts another day. Till then, nighty night!

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October 1, 2008 at 10:14 pm

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Work Overload

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Oh boy, if i thought I was swamped at work on the weekend, I just got overloaded.  I think it was really tonight that I realized just how much work there is to do in such a short period of time.  It never fails that it all seems to just “spring” up upon us all.  Only this time i’m feeling a bit like i’m drowning and it hasn’t even really started.  I’m going to do my best, cause i’d really like to shine here, but its going to be a tuff stuggling few weeks. 

And on top of that i’m leaving early this Friday to go to mom and dads and i’m off next friday for Mark and Lisa’s Wedding!  And as I was thinking tonight – man that only leaves me with 10 business working days, I found out that my boss – the one that knows everything about this stuff, is going to be away for 5 of them. 

Oh geeze.  This is where I repeat.  I love my job. Breath. I love my job. Breath. I love my job. Breath.  I really need to remember the Breath part. 

Okay enough work crap.  a took a little picture tonight to showcase here.  It shows off my new laptop, with a pic of the Vegas Event we executed on Saturday – it was great!

My *almost* finished socks, my new sock bag that I made on Friday after Terri came to visit. 

And my new sock monkey pj pants – which are super comfy and warm, which I know seems weird since its still pretty warm this week – but I like being all comfy cozy.

Okay I think thats it.  Just a quick little venting / picture session.

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September 3, 2008 at 10:19 pm

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Writing Now, Posting Later.

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Well by the time you read this it will be later.  But I’m writing now from inside the trailer of perhaps my future in-laws, with my new fancy laptop – what a great idea this was!  We are camping in Meaford this weekend for the last long weekend of the summer. 

Although most people are sad to see the summer ending, I’m looking forward to it.  Although I hate cold, I do prefer Fall & Winter over the summer I think.  I love the fall air and feelings of hominess that come along with it.  We are so busy in the summer, we have been away for the last 6 weekends and travelling that much without a “real” vacation just makes me more tired.  So i’m happy that the fall is arriving and that we will be staying home a bit more, and I can pull out the electric blanket again and start knitting big items that will keep my lap warm.  And can plop myself down on the couch (in front of Paul’s new big TV) and just think warm thoughts.

Only 16 weeks till Christmas you know.  I was hoping to get better at knitting socks this year, so that I could knit socks for Christmas, but at the rate I go that’s highly un-likely.  However I have started thinking of sewing projects a little earlier this year in hopes that perhaps I can get a few hand-made items out this year again.

I should be working – did I mention that?  Although with cold weather and fall leaves the Fall also brings a busier work season.  Where the nights get later and the work gets pilled on and we stress out until we can’t stand it any longer.  I brought the laptop up to get ahead this year.  As my first year on a new account I want to make a good impression.  I want to be focused and driven and prove to them and myself that I can do it from scratch, since it’s basically been handed as an empty slate. 


However, as usual my mind has been wandering again.  I didn’t sleep much last night, and managed to get a short nap on the way up here today.  I hate doing that to Paul.  It’s not fair that I’m sleeping away and he has to stay awake to drive.   I need to find a way to stay focused.  I’m getting better, but I can’t stay with one project for longer than 20 minutes it seems.



As an example.  Here is a pic I took on the laptop before I even really got started working this afternoon.  The good news is I have been reading and learning a lot about the new office programs – 2008 version.  There are some really cool features you can do on these things that haven’t been available in past as far as I know. 


Okay Paul is back from his walk so I’ve got to focus now.  Get some more stuff done and then at least sit in front of the fire for a hour to look social. Even if it’s chilly out!



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September 1, 2008 at 3:03 pm

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It’s been a while…a long while.

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It’s amazing that after 10 months, I can just have the urge and the “time” to sit and write something.  Mostly for myself, but technically for anyone since i’m posting it free for the world to read.

It’s always been nights like tonight that I feel like writing and “unloading” my feelings.  Nights spent sitting at home alone watching sappy girly movies and reflecting on things that “I should have done” “should have been”.  I shouldn’t complain, I don’t and really haven’t ever had a “good” reason too. 

On paper my life probably seems pretty good.  Supervisor at a very respectable downtown Toronto Advertising Agency, winner of the 2007 rising star award.  Loving – incredibly loving family! A very dedicated and passionate boyfriend and a decent apartment that I can afford that is bigger then a any decently priced condo in the city.   I have a few very amazing friends who i’m very blessed to have in my life.  And a mulitude of other friends who think i’m not so bad.

Yet I sit here alone (Paul has gone up north to his brothers stag) and think “I should have done more”, I could be better.  I could be nicer and I could work harder and I could be so much more.  Yet I only ever think it, I never act upon it.  And realistically I’ll write this, get my thoughts out, cry a bunch and go to bed tonight and wake up and still not do anything about it.  This is where I should jump in and say – but not this time, this time i’m going to make a difference, this time i’m going to start changing my life, and be happy and do better.  But I’m not, I’m not going to say it and pretend, cause I know i’ll fail. I can’t change my life, not in a day, not in a month and not even in a year.

Eventually everything will work itself out and what its suppose to be it will be.  Thats just the way life is I suppose.  We could all do better, or be better, some of us will try harder then others, some don’t have to try at all.  I should write more, it calms me down i think.  Perhaps with a new lap top i’ll find the time. 

For now, an update in pictures (cause gosh knows i’m long winded!) of just a few of the things i’ve been up to in the last few months (definitely not since October – its been a world-wind thats for sure.  Hopefully i’ll keep up with everything and post more and read more and be better.  Perhaps there is hope.

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August 24, 2008 at 12:20 am

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Quick Update

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Okay, I know again with the bad blogger news. It’s been forever and a day since i’ve updated. To be honest I have had time here and there to post new pics and news, however I often wondering if anyone continues to read this so does it matter, and i’ve been lazy.  And of all days, i’ve chosen today to update – a day when I should be packing and cleaning – I’ve decided to procrastinate a little more and do a quick update – go figure.

Okay new since September. (its really been that long? oh wow) Okay list form so its easier…here goes…

  • Steph and Steve came down for a ball game – great day for the four of us to hang out….the jays lost 😦 
  • IMG_3420

  • Mom and dad went on their very first vacation alone in 30 years – they had a fantastic time and brought me back a very cool necklace from Las Vegas. 

  • Paul and I found an apartment!  Right around the corner from his place now, a big 2 bedroom, with brand new appliances (including a dishwasher) and is so super nice I can’t wait till we are there!

  • I spoke at the strategy forum as a “panelist” in front of 150 people – it was so nerve racking! But exciting – and apparently I did really well, i’ve got a few emails/calls saying how well it was. 

  • And as much as i didnt really believe them, they must be right, cause I won!!! Your reading the blog of the newest “Media Rising Star” for 2007
  • I got super sick the day of the forum/award presentation, and spent that whole weekend in bed.


  • Stephanie & Steve and Chrissy and Sean both moved to new places in September
  • We got to go to the norfolk county fair with Jesse, Mel & Laura, it was soo much fun.
  • We went to Chrissy and Sean’s for thanksgiving and stopped to visit Amanda & Maya (who is crawling now!!) and Chris and Violet (who is due today! with their 2nd boy)
  • Work has been crazy up until this week (I’m on holidays!) Gen Mills competitive reviews, and Twinrix Planning has kept me very busy.  Crystal is off next week (yippee) and Gen Mills planning starts the week after – lord please give me the strength to get through this another year.
  • We finally got all the arrangements for the apartment made, however can’t move in until tomorrow (Halloween afternoon!) But we were able to move all of paul’s stuff there on Sunday with the help of his mom, mark, lisa and grandma & grandpa.

IMG_3457 IMG_3503

Okay as for updating I think thats just about everything in the last month or so.  Although upcoming news is a whole different list.  This week is going to be busy.  Like I said, i’m suppose to be packing right now instead of internet googling and blog updating and we’ll see just how often manda and paul read this – which will determine if i’m in trouble or not…ha ha.  We are official moving tomorrow.  After all the confusion and stress of the date we could move, i had to end up hiring movers, although after moving paul on saturday i’m a bit happier I choose to do that now.  no more lifting.

So the week should go as follows: finish packing and cleaning old apartment today, move to new place tomorrow (yippee!!!), thursday: cable guy coming in the morning, I have a job interview at an event marketing company at 3pm on Thursday with a girl that met at the Strategy Forum.  The Strategy Awards are Thursday night and since I won, I have to attend with Sunni, Debbie and the rest of the high ups at our agency. Friday morning I hope to unpack more stuff and get the living room all set up then Chrissy and Joanna are coming by for a visit before we all head out to see Dirty Dancing Friday night. 

On top of that, Uncle Barry is coming down for the whole weekend arriving sometime Friday night, and we may need to drive up to Meaford on Saturday morning to sign all the papers for finalizing all the stuff for Paul’s dad.  So much for a week’s vacation – i’m totally going to need a holiday from my holidays!!!

Okay so that was the (not-so-brief) udpate.  And i’m hoping things calm down in the next few weeks so I can get settled in the new place and post more often.  Here’s hoping. 

ps: not a ton of knitting or sewing going on – however I did go to the creative show on Saturday and I got a ton of great stuff! And had a great day – I’ll post pics as soon as we get settled next week hopefully!

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October 30, 2007 at 11:14 am

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