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100 Things About Me

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I’m not quite done yet, but i’m getting there….  

  1. I love hotdogs
  2. I have messy handwriting
  3. I tend to ‘expand’ the truth (I lie) – a lot
  4. I like taking pictures of myself
  5. I have enough white shirts to fill an entire drawer in my dresser
  6. I was born in London, Ontario
  7. I was editor of my high school yearbook for 3 years
  8. Sometimes I think I’m an insomniac
  9. Other times I think I sleep too much
  10. I have moved 14 times
  11. I don’t floss my teeth as often as you should
  12. I lived alone for over a year – something I thought I would never do
  13. I have had 4 serious boyfriends
  14. I love cheesy romance novels
  15. I hate that you can’t order a “medium” hot chocolate at starbucks – they must know what I mean.
  16. I spend way too much time online doing nothing
  17. Way too much time.
  18. I don’t mind having “geeky” hobbies like quilting, sewing & knitting
  19. I have one younger sister who is married to a guy I used to have a crush on in high school
  20. My grandma Lavender taught me to knit when I was about 8, but I only recently took it up again (in 2005) and have been going strong ever since
  21. I have small feet
  22. I wish I played the piano (I’ve tried several times but its never lasted)
  23. I don’t mind going to the movies alone.
  24. I’m afraid of fire
  25. I’m not very good at spelling
  26. or grammar for that matter
  27. I graduated from College in June 2003 with a Diploma in Advertising Media Sales
  28. I actually got a job before I graduated school, and was able to leave school early to work full time.
  29. I’m not very good with my money
  30. I really (really) want to have my own house that I can decorate and call my own
  31. I don’t have a driver’s license.
  32. or a passport
  33. I worry a lot
  34. I ramble and talk non-stop
  35. I lack focus & concentration skills
  36. When I eat smarties I don’t eat the red ones last
  37. I do however like to separate the colours and see how many of each colour I got.
  38. I love handbags/purses/bags of any kind really
  39. I eat a lot of chocolate
  40. Before I moved to Toronto in 2001 I had never been to a bar
  41. One of my all time favourite movies is Drop Dead Fred, if you haven’t seen it – rent it.
  42. I like to cook. But I’m not very good at it unless I have a recipe
  43. I’ve never had a dog, but I’d really like one some day.
  44. We did however have fish, a bird and two cats when I was growing up.
  45. I don’t love my job, but it pays the bills and keeps me busy
  46. I’d love to go back to school but I have no idea what for – so I haven’t gone yet
  47. I’ve lost 3 family members to cancer and I miss them all So much
  48. I grew up in a small town north of Stratford
  49. None of my family lives there anymore.
  50. I like country music
  51. I’m a supervisor but i’m not very good at deligating or supervising
  52. I wish I could knit faster.
  53. I like grocery shopping, but I don’t like carrying everything home.
  54. I love taking baths and one day I hope to have an old fashioned claw foot tub
  55. One of my favourite books is “And to Think That I Saw It on Mulberry Street” by Dr. Seuss because it’s all about making stuff up.
  56. I spent a lot of time dancing alone in my apartment with the music way too loud.
  57. When I find a song I like, I play it over and over until I almost don’t like it anymore.
  58. I have the best family in the world.
  59. When I was in high school I took voice/singing lessons – I sang 2 duets and 1 solo before I realized I wasn’t that great at it.
  60. I still sing whenever I feel like it
  61. Sometimes I feel like my nose never stops running.
  62. One of my all time favourite song’s is “At Last” by Etta James – and I’d really like this to be my wedding song, cause I think by the time I get married I’ll be thinking “at last” and its just a great song and perfect for a wedding.
  63. I like Regular flavoured chips the best. (out of all the other flavours)
  64. I like laughing
  65. and I like making other people laugh
  66. You can’t control the heat in my apartment, and I don’t have an air conditioner so 95% of the time it’s like a furnace in my place
  67. However 80% of the time i’m cold (even in the middle of summer and in my furnace apartment) – I take after my mother
  68. I love reading magazines – and I’m fortunate enough to get a million of them from work – my apartment is filled with magazines in every corner!
  69. I’m just now starting to read the Harry Potter series (Paul was making me) – 10 years after the original book came out
  70. I probably spend at least 2 hours a day daydreaming
  71. I like sewing stuff but I’ve never really made something (that looked good) without a pattern
  72. I love strawberries dipped in chocolate – yum yum yum yum yum!
  73. Whenever I get stumped at work, or just have a second where i’m lost in thoughs – i start to sing the song “Supermodel” from the movie Clueless – I think my pod mate hates it…lol
  74. I don’t have a big circle of friends – but I have 2 very very close girlfriends from back home, that I don’t know what my life would have been like without them. They are the kind of friends that no matter what happens they will ALWAYS be there. I LOVE you girls so much!
  75. I really want a button making machine.
  76. They are expensive and hard to find in Canada 😦
  77. I spend more time looking at knitting patterns and knitting blogs then I do actually knitting.
  78. When I moved to the west end i started a “stitch and bitch” knit group night – and I love it!
  79. I complain way too much, about things that are not worth complaining about
  80. I have panic attacks every once in a while – usually regarding work
  81. Every since i’ve lived in the city i’ve become much more high strung, and don’t manage crowds of people nearly as well as I used to.







Written by traceylavender

February 21, 2007 at 4:21 pm

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  1. Tracey, have you been able to get that book yet (the Dr. Seuss book), because, I can search it out for you – kind of a belated birthday gift, happy belated wishes by the way. Let me know.
    Aunt Sue

    Aunt Sue

    March 25, 2007 at 8:57 am

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