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Okay.  So again i’ve discovered that although I love the idea of my blog, and often think of things to post during the day/ on the way to work.  I rarely get a chance to jot them down.

Now i’m sitting here thinking “I should post something” and i’m not sure what to post – go figure.

Some random thoughts for the last few weeks/days:

  • Where did September go?  I mean clearly I spent the entire month at work – with about 70% of the time in tears, i’m glad to say i’ve got through it. Not sure if i’m any stronger, more knowlegable or happier – but thorugh it none-the-less.
  • I love Fall.  Really its my favourite time of the year, when the weather and the colours are all changing.  And I can start wearing my fall sweaters and warmer clothes, and I start buying Second Cup White Hot Chocolate – oh so yummy!  It just makes me feel all cozy and homey.
  • 55% of people on the subway are mean.  They push and shove and give weird looks and are cranky and mean.  Some people are nice though.  And this morning i’m pretty sure I spotted someone I went to high school with, I didn’t get up to say hi – it was early, and I wasn’t sure she would have remembered me – but either way and interesting way to start the morning.
  • I need to work at either having better posture or look at taking yoga/ pilates classes again.  I know I always felt better after taking those classes at young and bloor when I first moved out on my owe – I think going back to take classes wouldn’t be a half bad idea.  I think it would help with panic attacks/ stress.
  • Our Apartment is really messy.  Clearly every weekend away for the last 2 and 1/2 months and working late pretty much every day for a month has got me no where in the area of housework.  I had the lady from upstairs down today to pickup some of the apples we picked on the weekend – and realized just how bad it was.  I’m hoping we can do a real “fall clean” this weekend and make it look liveable and breathable again!

I know I had more to say, but I started watching Hockey and decided to finish working on one of my last plans. (only 2 more days till the end of plan presentations!!!)

Okay, perhaps i’ll have more interesting thoughts another day. Till then, nighty night!


Written by traceylavender

October 1, 2008 at 10:14 pm

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