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Work Overload

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Oh boy, if i thought I was swamped at work on the weekend, I just got overloaded.  I think it was really tonight that I realized just how much work there is to do in such a short period of time.  It never fails that it all seems to just “spring” up upon us all.  Only this time i’m feeling a bit like i’m drowning and it hasn’t even really started.  I’m going to do my best, cause i’d really like to shine here, but its going to be a tuff stuggling few weeks. 

And on top of that i’m leaving early this Friday to go to mom and dads and i’m off next friday for Mark and Lisa’s Wedding!  And as I was thinking tonight – man that only leaves me with 10 business working days, I found out that my boss – the one that knows everything about this stuff, is going to be away for 5 of them. 

Oh geeze.  This is where I repeat.  I love my job. Breath. I love my job. Breath. I love my job. Breath.  I really need to remember the Breath part. 

Okay enough work crap.  a took a little picture tonight to showcase here.  It shows off my new laptop, with a pic of the Vegas Event we executed on Saturday – it was great!

My *almost* finished socks, my new sock bag that I made on Friday after Terri came to visit. 

And my new sock monkey pj pants – which are super comfy and warm, which I know seems weird since its still pretty warm this week – but I like being all comfy cozy.

Okay I think thats it.  Just a quick little venting / picture session.


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September 3, 2008 at 10:19 pm

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Writing Now, Posting Later.

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Well by the time you read this it will be later.  But I’m writing now from inside the trailer of perhaps my future in-laws, with my new fancy laptop – what a great idea this was!  We are camping in Meaford this weekend for the last long weekend of the summer. 

Although most people are sad to see the summer ending, I’m looking forward to it.  Although I hate cold, I do prefer Fall & Winter over the summer I think.  I love the fall air and feelings of hominess that come along with it.  We are so busy in the summer, we have been away for the last 6 weekends and travelling that much without a “real” vacation just makes me more tired.  So i’m happy that the fall is arriving and that we will be staying home a bit more, and I can pull out the electric blanket again and start knitting big items that will keep my lap warm.  And can plop myself down on the couch (in front of Paul’s new big TV) and just think warm thoughts.

Only 16 weeks till Christmas you know.  I was hoping to get better at knitting socks this year, so that I could knit socks for Christmas, but at the rate I go that’s highly un-likely.  However I have started thinking of sewing projects a little earlier this year in hopes that perhaps I can get a few hand-made items out this year again.

I should be working – did I mention that?  Although with cold weather and fall leaves the Fall also brings a busier work season.  Where the nights get later and the work gets pilled on and we stress out until we can’t stand it any longer.  I brought the laptop up to get ahead this year.  As my first year on a new account I want to make a good impression.  I want to be focused and driven and prove to them and myself that I can do it from scratch, since it’s basically been handed as an empty slate. 


However, as usual my mind has been wandering again.  I didn’t sleep much last night, and managed to get a short nap on the way up here today.  I hate doing that to Paul.  It’s not fair that I’m sleeping away and he has to stay awake to drive.   I need to find a way to stay focused.  I’m getting better, but I can’t stay with one project for longer than 20 minutes it seems.



As an example.  Here is a pic I took on the laptop before I even really got started working this afternoon.  The good news is I have been reading and learning a lot about the new office programs – 2008 version.  There are some really cool features you can do on these things that haven’t been available in past as far as I know. 


Okay Paul is back from his walk so I’ve got to focus now.  Get some more stuff done and then at least sit in front of the fire for a hour to look social. Even if it’s chilly out!



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September 1, 2008 at 3:03 pm

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