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Okay, I know again with the bad blogger news. It’s been forever and a day since i’ve updated. To be honest I have had time here and there to post new pics and news, however I often wondering if anyone continues to read this so does it matter, and i’ve been lazy.  And of all days, i’ve chosen today to update – a day when I should be packing and cleaning – I’ve decided to procrastinate a little more and do a quick update – go figure.

Okay new since September. (its really been that long? oh wow) Okay list form so its easier…here goes…

  • Steph and Steve came down for a ball game – great day for the four of us to hang out….the jays lost 😦 
  • IMG_3420

  • Mom and dad went on their very first vacation alone in 30 years – they had a fantastic time and brought me back a very cool necklace from Las Vegas. 

  • Paul and I found an apartment!  Right around the corner from his place now, a big 2 bedroom, with brand new appliances (including a dishwasher) and is so super nice I can’t wait till we are there!

  • I spoke at the strategy forum as a “panelist” in front of 150 people – it was so nerve racking! But exciting – and apparently I did really well, i’ve got a few emails/calls saying how well it was. 

  • And as much as i didnt really believe them, they must be right, cause I won!!! Your reading the blog of the newest “Media Rising Star” for 2007
  • I got super sick the day of the forum/award presentation, and spent that whole weekend in bed.


  • Stephanie & Steve and Chrissy and Sean both moved to new places in September
  • We got to go to the norfolk county fair with Jesse, Mel & Laura, it was soo much fun.
  • We went to Chrissy and Sean’s for thanksgiving and stopped to visit Amanda & Maya (who is crawling now!!) and Chris and Violet (who is due today! with their 2nd boy)
  • Work has been crazy up until this week (I’m on holidays!) Gen Mills competitive reviews, and Twinrix Planning has kept me very busy.  Crystal is off next week (yippee) and Gen Mills planning starts the week after – lord please give me the strength to get through this another year.
  • We finally got all the arrangements for the apartment made, however can’t move in until tomorrow (Halloween afternoon!) But we were able to move all of paul’s stuff there on Sunday with the help of his mom, mark, lisa and grandma & grandpa.

IMG_3457 IMG_3503

Okay as for updating I think thats just about everything in the last month or so.  Although upcoming news is a whole different list.  This week is going to be busy.  Like I said, i’m suppose to be packing right now instead of internet googling and blog updating and we’ll see just how often manda and paul read this – which will determine if i’m in trouble or not…ha ha.  We are official moving tomorrow.  After all the confusion and stress of the date we could move, i had to end up hiring movers, although after moving paul on saturday i’m a bit happier I choose to do that now.  no more lifting.

So the week should go as follows: finish packing and cleaning old apartment today, move to new place tomorrow (yippee!!!), thursday: cable guy coming in the morning, I have a job interview at an event marketing company at 3pm on Thursday with a girl that met at the Strategy Forum.  The Strategy Awards are Thursday night and since I won, I have to attend with Sunni, Debbie and the rest of the high ups at our agency. Friday morning I hope to unpack more stuff and get the living room all set up then Chrissy and Joanna are coming by for a visit before we all head out to see Dirty Dancing Friday night. 

On top of that, Uncle Barry is coming down for the whole weekend arriving sometime Friday night, and we may need to drive up to Meaford on Saturday morning to sign all the papers for finalizing all the stuff for Paul’s dad.  So much for a week’s vacation – i’m totally going to need a holiday from my holidays!!!

Okay so that was the (not-so-brief) udpate.  And i’m hoping things calm down in the next few weeks so I can get settled in the new place and post more often.  Here’s hoping. 

ps: not a ton of knitting or sewing going on – however I did go to the creative show on Saturday and I got a ton of great stuff! And had a great day – I’ll post pics as soon as we get settled next week hopefully!


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October 30, 2007 at 11:14 am

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