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Fall is on the way

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Yes, I believe I can say summer is over. Well not techinically but by most standards, it’s over.  Fall and the colder weather are approaching, (I started this a few days ago when it was much colder btw) Sunday was quite warm in my little apartment – I’m going to blaim it on Pauly ;).  And the last few days have been decent, but its quite chilly in my place tonight – it was raining for a while which cooled things right down, but its calmed down again by the looks of it.  However I’m actually looking forward to the Fall season, I love the changing of the seasons, specially when its Fall.  The great clothes, the warm colours, and the yummy food and the new apartment that we are going to be moving into in less then 50 days!

Yup, we’ve both given our notice and Pauly and I are going to be searching for a new place to call home – together!  I can’t even tell you how excited I am that i’ll get to see him every day and that I won’t have to come up to an empty apartment any more, I won’t have to travel and hour in the same time to see him, or take a bag to work anymore!  It’s going to be fantastic.  Yes i’m a bit worried about all the things that go along with moving in with someone for the first time.  But it’s almost been a whole year since Paul and I started dating, and we’ve yet to have a real fight – sometimes things are just right!


And on an even cooler note, I got my sock swap package today!  I LOVE everything!   There was yarn, needles, stitch markers, a row counter, burt bees hand cream, a silver plated yarn holder, a cool sock book, some romance novels, “To think that i saw it on mulberry street” – one of my all time favourites, lavender smelling stuff, and chocolate and candy!  I mean what could have been better?

And I made this cool mosaic to showcase it all to you from fd’s Flickr Toys which was way cool too! 

And I finally got a chance to both Manda in Lancaster and Amanda in Guelph today, so I feel a bit better about that – and I think Pauly and I are going to visit her and Maya Thanksgiving weekend, since Miguel will be away, she’ll need the company and Maya has gotten her first tooth, and is just about crawling, so I have to get back to see her – Can’t wait – only a few weekends away. 

Manda sent me a pretty funny “anniversary card” today which made me giggle – it was 6 years ago today that we became friends.  Unfortunately we have a very bad reminder of the day we became friends – although sometimes i’m glad I didnt watch the news that morning to find out the horror that was happening in New York, I might not have never asked her “do you know whats going on” and we wouldn’t be the great friends we are today. So Happy 6-year Anniversary Manda – missing you lots!

 Over all its been a good day.  Although I should get going, there is knitting and cleaning that awaits me.  Just incase, yesterday was mom and dad’s anniversary so Happy Anniversary!  And hopefully tomorrow night if all goes well at work, I’m going to meet Paul, Lindsay, Tanya and James for drinks, so that should be good.  Okay, off I go. Nite!


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September 11, 2007 at 8:59 pm

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