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As I have been neglecting so many things in my life these days. My job and lack of interest for it has completely taken over my life.  So much so that I haven’t been doing much of anything for weeks.  I’ve been ignoring just about everything in my life. 

First off my friends, oh how i miss you three girls.  Amanda D called me 3 weeks ago and I haven’t called her back yet, i’m such a bad friend.  I totally forgot that Stpeh and Steve were going on holidays last week, and I didnt even know that Manda M was going to Florida!  I swear one day i’ll make it up to you guys.

 I have however got some knitting done (mainly on the bus back and forth to work, and the half hour before i go to bed and need to calm my nerves)  I finished my blue socks – both of them!  But I don’t have pic’s of the pair, but i do have a pic of my first monkey sock!

Monkey Sock - DetailIsn’t it purdy!  I’m so happy with it, it took me just over a month (eek, for one sock, i know!)  but i’m hoping (fingers crossed) that maybe i can knit the entire second one this weekend while we are camping.  I’ll give you the update when we get back.

Now i had a whole list of things i want to blog about (like the fact that there are only 349 people a head of me in the waiting list for Ravelry!) but most of them i can’t remember, and secondly I gotta run cause we are on the way up to the trailer.

 But i promise i’ll catch up when I return!


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August 31, 2007 at 9:47 am

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