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Man, its been so long since i’ve wrote a real post! Only one post in July and so much happened! Not enough time to catch up, although I’ll try!  It’s been such a brutal few weeks at work, working late, and dealing with a lot of crap, and there is an average of at least one person quitting per week – so we are losing people left right and center.  And of course nothing is getting better. 😦   Although on an upside, my strategy article was posted again this time in media in Canada – and I’ve got a bunch of emails from rep’s and clients saying congrats which does make the day go by a bit better. 

Anywho, on to some pictures – I’ll try and some up the month in a photo-montage for you!



Pic’s from a relaxing Canada Day weekend in Meaford & the Blue Jay Game with Jesse & Mel on July 6th!


Pic’s from the 50’s Party – which despite the rain was a big success!  Everyone had fun, ate hotdogs, popcorn, floats and did the twist!  Pic’s from Justin & Sabrina’s wedding – even when amanda and I aren’t trying, we still look hot!


And then finally some pic’s from my week with Manda, Maya and Steph back home!


Okay enough pictures i think for now! I think that’s an overload – although i’m Happy i figured out to upload pics from flickr since i think the wordpress uploading thing sucks – it takes longer this way, but i think in the end it will be better – no space to fill up!

Oh ya – I also got my first secret knitting pal package, some great sock yarn, in which i’ve cast on for knitty’s monkey socks – which are looking cool.  I’ve also been working away on a bunch of other knitting projects – which i’ll have to blog about later.  This weekend is crystal and dave’s wedding – should be fun, got a new dress to look all cute in – and hopefully it doesn’t look to tight and it actually looks good – we’ll see.   night for now  🙂


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August 7, 2007 at 10:46 pm

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