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eeek!  oh my gosh has it really been almost a month since i’ve posted.  I know i’m bad. very bad. but i have excuses. (not that excuses count, but i do have a few)

1. Crazy busy at work.  At least 8 plans for fox this month, 1 briefing meeting, random emails from non-exsistant client in germany, and countless other random stuff.  No longer have an assistant as she was taken (after I spent 3 months training her) to work on another “in need” team – FYI – we are ALL in need – we are seriously short staffed!!!

2. Canada Day Long Weekend away in Meaford.

3. Constuction/sewing of 3 poodle skirts – death of me!

4. More working Late – real late – for two weeks (making up for the long weekend days off) until at least 8 or 9 every night 😦

5. knitting turtle for jo – started before christmas as christmas gift, not finished in time, decided to use as b-day gift in June, still not finished in time, housewarming gift in July, still not finished.

6. Planning for 50s Party

7. 50’s Party weekend.

Which brings us up to this week – in which i’m scrambling at work since Crystal is on holidays and Mike is gone for the rest of the week at a conference. Eeek.  I was hoping to post a bunch of pics tonight, but laundry came first. So just a quick update and hopefully pictures of stuff to follow later this week. Although no promises.  Manda comes this weekend, and Justin’s wedding is on Saturday, and hoping to spend Sunday with Paul – since i’m leaving next week to go to Guelph and visit with manda, maya and Stephie – Can’t wait!  A mini-holiday with my best girls!

 Anywho, its bed time, tired again.  I promise pictures soon.


Written by traceylavender

July 17, 2007 at 9:54 pm

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  1. Have you had any mroe time for knitting or are you still crazy busy?

    And there’s only 250 people in front of me in the queue now … I can taste the Ravelry goodness!


    July 24, 2007 at 6:37 am

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