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Wednesday Venting Session

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It’s only Wednesday?!?  That’s what I thought in the shower this morning and continued to think for the rest of the day – I can’t believe it’s only Wednesday, why is this week going in slow motion??

First of all – it’s a short week, my wonderful company does a few things right every so often, and from May to September they give us an extra day off every long weekend, so you really can’t complain about that.  However I will continue to complain about how uberly slow this week has been.  On top of things moving backwards people are just being dumb and stupid this week.  Whatever happened to smart people? Don’t people think anymore? 

Why do rep’s call me and say “I have this fabulous opportunity for client x, and I know you’ll just want to participate it in”  how do they know that i want to, or the client wants to for that matter, 99% of the time i don’t want to be part of their “fabulous” idea, nor does it work with the strategy i’ve been working with for the last three years! What part of “Unfortunately we can’t particpate” do these people not understand.  And today it wasn’t even just reps it was the clients too – no I cannot put together a plan in less then a week and no I will not come in on a long weekend to finish it and no I definitely do NOT think I can present 3 plans in less then 2 hours.  Some people think i’m good at what I do – enough so to put my picture in a magazine – but honestly i’m not that good – at least not enough to write and present three plans in less then a week in under 2 hours.  On top of frustrating rep’s and clients there is an air vent above my desk, and I swear to god if i get sick again this summer i’m blaiming it all on that damn vent that blows constant cold air on me!

Honestly I think the work problems could have been avoided today if i had just listened to the signs telling me to go home.  Sign number one – it was very very windy this morning, and when i walked out of my building, i thought i was going to blow off the steps. Sign number two the subway was down at my station.  Now I have to say I actually got kinda lucky since the Davisville bus driver was in a good mood this morning and decided that he would continue south on Yonge and take us fine folks all the way to bloor, so I didn’t have to battle the thousands of people that were crowded on Yonge – if that had happened I think I would have turned around for home.  I did however have to wait 7 trains at Yonge and Bloor before I even attempted to get on a train to get down to Queen.  In total it took me almost 2 hours to get to work today.   AND while we’re on the topic of subways and transit can I just say people frustrate me!  Why can’t they just move in to the middle of the car? Is it that hard? It makes me livid to be standing on the plateform waiting to get on and there is enough room for at least two more people in the middle – yet everyone is smushed up agains the door and people are pushing and shoving to get in – really people move your little feet in about a foot and the train would be much happier. AND ANOTHER THING why do people freak out on the plateform like we can do anything about the train being delayed – suck it up – do you think your the only one late for work?!  example – today I experienced one crazy lady storming off the bus at davisville when she heard the subway was down, only to miss out on the free fast ride down to bloor. Then while waiting at Bloor this guy decides that waiting is just to hard to handle and starts screaming at the TTC people (who aren’t there to listen) and punching the pay phone – honestly what good does that do?

Okay enough venting.  I actually made a list at work today about all the things I wanted to get out, this is only half since after i wrote the list a few decent things happened. 1. I finished the Hills Plan. and 2. I got my hair cut. For a new spring look.

       img_2021.jpg img_2037.jpg

So I think thats it for today. Nothing like a good little photo shoot to cheer a girl up.  🙂


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May 16, 2007 at 10:45 pm

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