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The First day of May

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EEEK! I know another few weeks since i’ve posted !!  One day I’ll get the hang of this, I swear I’ve had the best intentions on posting, I just never seem to sit and do it.

So that aside, it was a very exciting weekend (which was actually 2 weekends ago now) Amanda had her baby! 🙂 A girl – 8lbs 1oz born at 3:30am on Saturday April 21st in London.  Her name is Maya Teresa Faye DeOliveira and she is so beautiful.  Steph and I had a bit of an adventure once we learned they were transfered to London from Listowel.  We were all tangled up in plans, so we drove from Jo’s in Kitchener to drop of Mel in Listowel then drove to London to see the new little one.  We were so lucky, we got to spend the entire afternoon alone with Manda and Maya and daddy Miguel.  It was a great afternoon.  And who would I really be without taking a few thousand pictures?

img_1836.jpg   img_1964.jpg

Isn’t she just so adorable!  Oh I just love her to pieces!

After spending the afternoon oohh and aweing over the little one, steph and I had dinner at mom and dad’s you can’t drive by through and not stop in for food.  We headed back to Listy, and had a girly sleep over like old times, did each others nails, ate junk food, watched the game show network all night – it was great.  And as always, reminded both of us how much we miss that, just hanging out and being with each other – it really sucks when your best friend is miles away 😦 

On sunday we hung out with steph’s parents and around Listy, did some shopping, went and played bochi ball – Yippee for team Green winning – who knew that the underdogs (me and steph’s mom) could beat the pros! That was about the extent of the weekend, managed to make it home on Sunday with little-to-no bus issues.

Last week was pretty tame, busy at work though, a few late nights so thats frustrating. Weekend was good – Paul and I went to the Blue Jay’s Game on Saturday it was fun, although they lost 😦  And we just hung out Saturday night and Sunday relaxing. 

Today has been frustrating.  It’s the first of May, Spring is suppose to be here, and it was quite chilly out this morning, and all day matter of fact.  Work was crazy busy, with stupid people making stupid mistakes which is just frustrating in itself.  I was hoping to get to the Mall today to look for something to wear to the play on Saturday but that was lost hope.  I’ve lucky been able to finally put in a few loads of laundry tonight, after 3 nights of trying.  I cut my hand on the inside of the microwave door tonight somehow and its quite sore! 😦 OH and when I signed in to my blog site to write this, it seems like my blog has DISAPEARED or been wiped out or something, i’m not even sure this is going to appear, it says i’ve never had any visitors (which i know is a lie, i was almost up to 200 yesterday) its very frustrating.  All around miserable day! Luckly its almost over.

And…this week is kinda a short week, I’ve booked of Friday afternoon since Paul and I are going to head down to London to visit with Campbell family who is apparently “dying” to meet Paul.  I’m hoping its not too painful, and we get a chance to visit wtih Lindsay and Mike too its been a few months since we’ve seen them.  We’ve rented a hotel room at Stratford for Saturday since we are going to New Hamburg to see a play – which i’m very excited about. We’ve been dating for 6 months as of tomorrow – and thats quite a long time – specially with no fighting! I’m very happy with him, and excited to be spending a whole weekend with him, i’m not sure he is quite as excited as I am…or will ever be quite as excited as I get…lol, but i know he is happy.

anywho, enough rambling, must get laundry, finishing dishes, and fishing knitting. next entry will be an updated on UFO’s {un finished (knitting) objects} eek…way too many!


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May 1, 2007 at 9:08 pm

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