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knitting knitting

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I have discovered that if you leave work at 5 (like a normal person) and go right home, you have so much time in the evenings to knit, sew, read, watch tv and make dinner – before 9pm!! 

That being said, I have an FO (finished object to you non-knitters) to show off:

 img_2132.jpg img_2128.jpg img_2118.jpg

Finally finished my Clapotis scarf. 

Cast on: Mar. 14 at 10pm – worked half hearted since then, finishing (and starting) other stuff since.  Finished on Friday May 25th and blocked it on Saturday the 26th.

Yarn: Patons SWS in Natural Earth colourway

What I learned: blocking is amazing.  It totally made the dropped stitches stand out and shine. Wool is really nice to work with, however as a scarf its really itchy, and sadly unless I can figure out how to make it softer i’m not sure how much wear i’m going to get out of it (i’m open to suggestions – if anyone has any)

WIP: the cavern cardi – cast on last Saturday and i’m about half way through the yoke. 


Ignore the ugly-ness of my foot stool/ chair – i can’t throw it away it’s too comfy. And one day i’ll finish the slip cover i started ages ago…lol.  Anywho I’m using Brown Sheep Cotton Fleece for the cardi and its soo nice to work with – I can’t wait to finish.

This is pretty much all i’ve been doing this week.  Paul and I are going to Niagara Falls this weekend with mom & dad, I’m hoping the weather holds out and stays warm and sunny.  I’m sure there will be a bunch of pictures next week.  🙂


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May 31, 2007 at 8:41 pm

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New Day

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I’m going to assume that every girl (and maybe guy) has days like i have.  Days when you just wonder “what the hell am i doing and why does everything have to go wrong on a Friday afternoon”  Yesterday was one of those days.  I woke up late, missed the bus, was bombarded with messages and phone calls at my desk by 10am, my assistant was sick, my “things to do list” at work grew by the minute and nothing was getting completed by 11:30 i wanted to run away.  Things just got worse at work, and i decided mid-afternoon that going to the Yarn Harlot Event at Indigo was pretty much out of the question. 

  1. I’m still way to chicken to go to ANY knitting event alone in this city – i don’t know why, i just am. And
  2. I was in no mood yesterday to battle 150 excited knitters with potential weapons. 

So at 6:45 I packed up my crap at work and came straight home.  I was just miserable.  But other then having a bad day at work, I didn’t really have any reason to be, but that seems to make it worse, then you start to feel guilty about feeling bad, why do girls do this?  So i jumped online and was chatting, reading some blogs, nothing to important when my internet dies, and i completely lose it. Its like nothing wants to go my way today.  I decided its probably just a sign that i’m spending too much time online, so i decide i’m going to watch a movie, and sit and knit. Put on a girly movie and do just that sit and knit, and i’m starting to feel better already.  When my DVD player stops right in the middle of a great scene where the love interest is storming away it freezes. And so before i start crying again, i get up turn it off and just skip through the scenes till i get to where i was to watch it over again, and it does it again, same spot, it wont let me past it – i tried for another 20 minutes and nothing – now i’m crying. I figured at this point there is just no point, its almost 11 and although i’m not tired, i just go to bed – actually I emailed/messaged a few very important people first to tell them how much i miss them, and then i crawled into bed.

I woke up at 8:30 this morning, thinking it was late, and when i saw the clock i went back to bed for another hour.  Got up just before 10 and felt better, new day, its nice and sunny out – and to be honest to nice to be inside. A great day to pull out my summer clothes and get out. Yet i don’t have anything to do 😦 But i’m not going to get down about it.  I think i might take my book and my knitting up to the park at mount pleasant – no reason i  can’t go knit in the park – yes i realize how much of a loser i’m going to look like knitting in a busy dog-park by myself.  But today i don’t care. (chances of this actually happening anyways are slim) Maybe i’ll go down to Lettuce Knit today and check out their sock yarn – i’m almost done the blue ones and its best to start on some new ones right away seeing as how long i take to make a damn pair.  I want to be able to give socks at christmas so i figure if i just keep a regular pace at socks all year, by christmas i’ll have at least a few pairs to give away.

Okay, enough blogging, time to get out.  Oh one more thing, the whole week wasn’t a total disapointment.  I got a new pair of pj’s this week to cheer me up – and i LOVE them totally summery and make me wanna wear my pj’s all day long (not a new thing) And last week over the long weekend i did mange to do one productive thing with my friday off.  I made a new bag – which i also LOVE – i think its got to be one of the best things i’ve ever made.  And who would i be if i didnt show pic’s of both.  So for your viewing pleasure:


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May 26, 2007 at 10:39 am

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Wednesday Venting Session

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It’s only Wednesday?!?  That’s what I thought in the shower this morning and continued to think for the rest of the day – I can’t believe it’s only Wednesday, why is this week going in slow motion??

First of all – it’s a short week, my wonderful company does a few things right every so often, and from May to September they give us an extra day off every long weekend, so you really can’t complain about that.  However I will continue to complain about how uberly slow this week has been.  On top of things moving backwards people are just being dumb and stupid this week.  Whatever happened to smart people? Don’t people think anymore? 

Why do rep’s call me and say “I have this fabulous opportunity for client x, and I know you’ll just want to participate it in”  how do they know that i want to, or the client wants to for that matter, 99% of the time i don’t want to be part of their “fabulous” idea, nor does it work with the strategy i’ve been working with for the last three years! What part of “Unfortunately we can’t particpate” do these people not understand.  And today it wasn’t even just reps it was the clients too – no I cannot put together a plan in less then a week and no I will not come in on a long weekend to finish it and no I definitely do NOT think I can present 3 plans in less then 2 hours.  Some people think i’m good at what I do – enough so to put my picture in a magazine – but honestly i’m not that good – at least not enough to write and present three plans in less then a week in under 2 hours.  On top of frustrating rep’s and clients there is an air vent above my desk, and I swear to god if i get sick again this summer i’m blaiming it all on that damn vent that blows constant cold air on me!

Honestly I think the work problems could have been avoided today if i had just listened to the signs telling me to go home.  Sign number one – it was very very windy this morning, and when i walked out of my building, i thought i was going to blow off the steps. Sign number two the subway was down at my station.  Now I have to say I actually got kinda lucky since the Davisville bus driver was in a good mood this morning and decided that he would continue south on Yonge and take us fine folks all the way to bloor, so I didn’t have to battle the thousands of people that were crowded on Yonge – if that had happened I think I would have turned around for home.  I did however have to wait 7 trains at Yonge and Bloor before I even attempted to get on a train to get down to Queen.  In total it took me almost 2 hours to get to work today.   AND while we’re on the topic of subways and transit can I just say people frustrate me!  Why can’t they just move in to the middle of the car? Is it that hard? It makes me livid to be standing on the plateform waiting to get on and there is enough room for at least two more people in the middle – yet everyone is smushed up agains the door and people are pushing and shoving to get in – really people move your little feet in about a foot and the train would be much happier. AND ANOTHER THING why do people freak out on the plateform like we can do anything about the train being delayed – suck it up – do you think your the only one late for work?!  example – today I experienced one crazy lady storming off the bus at davisville when she heard the subway was down, only to miss out on the free fast ride down to bloor. Then while waiting at Bloor this guy decides that waiting is just to hard to handle and starts screaming at the TTC people (who aren’t there to listen) and punching the pay phone – honestly what good does that do?

Okay enough venting.  I actually made a list at work today about all the things I wanted to get out, this is only half since after i wrote the list a few decent things happened. 1. I finished the Hills Plan. and 2. I got my hair cut. For a new spring look.

       img_2021.jpg img_2037.jpg

So I think thats it for today. Nothing like a good little photo shoot to cheer a girl up.  🙂

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May 16, 2007 at 10:45 pm

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Good Weekends, Crappy Weeks

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The worst part of having a great weekend, is coming back to reality after. 😦

Paul and I had a fantastic weekend away.  We left work early, and tried (although the traffic got the best of us) to get out of town early.  Got to London in time for dinner and games with the family. Went out with Linz & Mike for drinks, hung out at Amandas, slept in on Saturday, had homemade french toast, sat around in the sun, stayed at a nice hotel, had a great romantic dinner, saw a fantastic play, drinks with great friends, and a lot of the same on sunday.  We spent a lot of time in the car just talking or sitting and listening to music, and it couldn’t have been better.

And when it all ends and you have to come back to the city, to a job that you don’t love, and an empty apartment, its a bit sad. It’s going to be a busy week – and not just at work, a few dinners and lunches to go to, and stuff to get done, you’d think that would keep me busy and happy. But these days I’m most happy when we are out of the city.

Had a lot of time to think this weekend too, and I’d really like to change a few things in my life for the better.  Although I’m skeptical – how many times do I think this or say this in a year – a month – a week for that matter.

But tonight i’m just tired, very tired from doing nothing. So i’m going to bed.

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May 7, 2007 at 10:07 pm

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The First day of May

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EEEK! I know another few weeks since i’ve posted !!  One day I’ll get the hang of this, I swear I’ve had the best intentions on posting, I just never seem to sit and do it.

So that aside, it was a very exciting weekend (which was actually 2 weekends ago now) Amanda had her baby! 🙂 A girl – 8lbs 1oz born at 3:30am on Saturday April 21st in London.  Her name is Maya Teresa Faye DeOliveira and she is so beautiful.  Steph and I had a bit of an adventure once we learned they were transfered to London from Listowel.  We were all tangled up in plans, so we drove from Jo’s in Kitchener to drop of Mel in Listowel then drove to London to see the new little one.  We were so lucky, we got to spend the entire afternoon alone with Manda and Maya and daddy Miguel.  It was a great afternoon.  And who would I really be without taking a few thousand pictures?

img_1836.jpg   img_1964.jpg

Isn’t she just so adorable!  Oh I just love her to pieces!

After spending the afternoon oohh and aweing over the little one, steph and I had dinner at mom and dad’s you can’t drive by through and not stop in for food.  We headed back to Listy, and had a girly sleep over like old times, did each others nails, ate junk food, watched the game show network all night – it was great.  And as always, reminded both of us how much we miss that, just hanging out and being with each other – it really sucks when your best friend is miles away 😦 

On sunday we hung out with steph’s parents and around Listy, did some shopping, went and played bochi ball – Yippee for team Green winning – who knew that the underdogs (me and steph’s mom) could beat the pros! That was about the extent of the weekend, managed to make it home on Sunday with little-to-no bus issues.

Last week was pretty tame, busy at work though, a few late nights so thats frustrating. Weekend was good – Paul and I went to the Blue Jay’s Game on Saturday it was fun, although they lost 😦  And we just hung out Saturday night and Sunday relaxing. 

Today has been frustrating.  It’s the first of May, Spring is suppose to be here, and it was quite chilly out this morning, and all day matter of fact.  Work was crazy busy, with stupid people making stupid mistakes which is just frustrating in itself.  I was hoping to get to the Mall today to look for something to wear to the play on Saturday but that was lost hope.  I’ve lucky been able to finally put in a few loads of laundry tonight, after 3 nights of trying.  I cut my hand on the inside of the microwave door tonight somehow and its quite sore! 😦 OH and when I signed in to my blog site to write this, it seems like my blog has DISAPEARED or been wiped out or something, i’m not even sure this is going to appear, it says i’ve never had any visitors (which i know is a lie, i was almost up to 200 yesterday) its very frustrating.  All around miserable day! Luckly its almost over.

And…this week is kinda a short week, I’ve booked of Friday afternoon since Paul and I are going to head down to London to visit with Campbell family who is apparently “dying” to meet Paul.  I’m hoping its not too painful, and we get a chance to visit wtih Lindsay and Mike too its been a few months since we’ve seen them.  We’ve rented a hotel room at Stratford for Saturday since we are going to New Hamburg to see a play – which i’m very excited about. We’ve been dating for 6 months as of tomorrow – and thats quite a long time – specially with no fighting! I’m very happy with him, and excited to be spending a whole weekend with him, i’m not sure he is quite as excited as I am…or will ever be quite as excited as I get…lol, but i know he is happy.

anywho, enough rambling, must get laundry, finishing dishes, and fishing knitting. next entry will be an updated on UFO’s {un finished (knitting) objects} eek…way too many!

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May 1, 2007 at 9:08 pm

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