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another nothing weekend

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Easter long weekend, didn’t do much.  Paul came over late on Thursday night after the hockey game, and we watched movies (actually I watched a movie and he pretty much fell asleep as soon as he got here…tee he he).  On Friday we just bumbed around the apartment, slept in, watched some movies, went back to Pauls.  Saturday – more sleeping in and just bumbed around the house.  Paul made a very yummy stir-fry for dinner and we watched the leaf game – which was very exciting – we were both out of our seats for half of it!  and then watched a movie (one of mine! – I know shocking!).  Sunday I slept in really late – something about the dark room, and being so warm in his bed, makes me able to sleep all day!  Paul says it’s making up for the little sleep I actually get during the week, but sometimes I wonder.  We just bumed around again today, watched another movie, and watched the Islanders game (so dispointed that they won and put the leafs out of the playoffs 😦 ).

And that was about it. The last few weeks have been pretty lazy.  Haven’t done anything out of the ordinary or exciting, I think that’s part of the thing thats been bumbing me out.  I need to start getting some priorities straight, I’ve been feeling very unproductive and useless lately, not getting much done anywhere – at work or at home.  One minute I’m thinking okay this is what needs to be done, or this is how you need to keep yourself busy – get too it.  The next minute I’m sitting at the computer or watching TV and just being bumbed out for nothing.  I hope spring arrives soon – perhaps being able to get out of the house and leave work when its still light out will brighten my day.

here’s hoping to a better week!

ps – still no baby news yet from manda back home – I almost can’t wait anymore, the final week is finally here – perhaps this will kick start things.


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April 8, 2007 at 9:40 pm

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