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Okay, we shouldn’t really be complaining about the weather.  Winter didn’t show up until the middle of January, and for the last week or so the weather has been pretty decent in the city.  And normally I wouldn’t be that bummed about a good rain storm specially when there is a little thunder and lighting, however i’ve discovered that as much as I like these little storms they are better enjoyed when you are a) sharing it with someone who likes a lighting show as much as you do b) own a fire place that you can cuddle up beside and c) don’t have any place to be in the next 24 hours. 

My apartment is so hot that I have to keep my windows open all the time, so not only is the pitter patter of the raindrops hitting the windows annoying me tonight, the gusts of wind are a bit insane not to mention the sideways rain coming in.  Close the windows then you say.  Okay, I did that about an hour ago, but had to re-open cause I thought I might actually pass out – although i’ve kinda being feeling like I might pass out all day – so perhaps it wasn’t exactly the heat this time. Either way, the windows are open, the wind is blowing the curtains in, the rain is coming in making loud tapping noises while hitting the window pane, and i’m here alone. And i’m not finding any of it at all amusing.  My week of feeling crummy continues.

ps – i started this post three hours ago, since they i’ve checked facebook every 10 minutes, looked at a hundred (or close to it) knitting patterns, and watched the leafs win the hockey game.

OH and one more thing – on top of all the “rain” noise, the garbage trucks have started coming around every hour again – its truly ANNOYING! 

pps – (last thing promise) steph I got your comment 🙂 , made me cry a bit yesterday, but thank you so much for it – love you and miss you lots – glad that we will always have each other!


Written by traceylavender

April 3, 2007 at 9:19 pm

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