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It’s really official now, i’m going to a substitute aunt – Amanda (aka one of my best friends) is in labour.  I turned off my phone tonight to let it “charge” since i’m going home for the weekend, and go figure within an hour that i turned it off Steph called to say she got the call from Miguel and she’s in Labour – oh my gosh its actually happening!!!!

There is no way i’m going to get any sleep tonight – the little chocolate DeOliviera baby is on its way!!! and in less then 48 hours I might get to meet my new little “niece” or “nephew”  i’m beyond excited.

I can’t even remember all the other things that happened this week that i was going to blog about!  Other than I finished the baby quilt, and i’ll post pictures when I get a chance.

It’s mid-night and i really need to “try” and get some sleep.  Oh man, way to exciting!



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April 19, 2007 at 11:03 pm

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Productive Saturday

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Today has been a pretty productive day. 

Stayed up late last night working on the finishing the knitted baby items for Amanda’s bundle of joy (which is yet to arrive…hello baby can you hurry it up, you were suppose to arrive by today!).  Got up around 8:30 this morning, continued knitting for a few hours, showered, changed, and took a stroll down my very trendy street.  Stopped at the bank, the bakery (yummy fresh cinnamon buns), the little fruit stand and Starbucks. I don’t drink coffee and normally would never stop at Starbucks, however; I a) felt the need to fit in on my trendy street this morning and b) Paul forced me to try a Chai Tea Latte a month or so ago and I actually liked it, so I got one this morning.  Came home, changed and left to go meet family down town for lunch.

Met up with Aunt Wendy, Uncle Randy, Uncle Ron, Papa, Mike and his fiance Gilda. She seems super nice and a good fit for Mike – very happy for them, and we had a very nice chat and lunch at Cadillac Lounge.  From there Uncle Randy dropped me off down the street at Romni Wools.

Now I knew this was a fairly big yarn store, with fairly big price tags, but oh my, I was totally overwhelmed.  It looks just like the pic’s on the site, and they have EVERYTHING!  I didn’t know where to start, I could have spent all day in there, not to mention my entire pay cheque.  I’m so proud of myself though, I only spent $82.00 and was in and out in less then an hour. I got 4 balls of mission falls 1824 cotton in a very pretty pale blue colour and have already cast on for the Baby Yoda Sweaterfor the baby to be. I’m hope to finish by next weekend – but if that fails me (which odds are it will) I’m hoping to finish by May 6th so we can drop it off on our way back from Stratford.

I also splurged a bit and got 4 balls of Brown Sheep Cotton Fleece to knit the Cavern Cardiganfor myself – i’m so in love with this pattern, but i’m nervous since this will be my first real sweater for a big person.  I also picked up the right needles for this and some stitch holders of the baby sweater – man I hope I can pull them off – I’ll be so excited if they look good and fit.

After my trip to the yarn store, I jumped on the street car, stopped at the Eaton’s Center to get my eyebrows fixed up, made a quick stop at the grocery store and headed home.  Where I have been knitting like a mad women ever since. 

img_1718.jpg  img_1728.jpg 

Here are the knitted baby items I finished this weekend.  I’m pretty sure it’s safe to post them – cause i’m almost certain the recipients of these aren’t looking on this page. However there are a few people I know having babies within the next month, so i’m not even sure who these are going to yet.

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April 14, 2007 at 9:59 pm

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another nothing weekend

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Easter long weekend, didn’t do much.  Paul came over late on Thursday night after the hockey game, and we watched movies (actually I watched a movie and he pretty much fell asleep as soon as he got here…tee he he).  On Friday we just bumbed around the apartment, slept in, watched some movies, went back to Pauls.  Saturday – more sleeping in and just bumbed around the house.  Paul made a very yummy stir-fry for dinner and we watched the leaf game – which was very exciting – we were both out of our seats for half of it!  and then watched a movie (one of mine! – I know shocking!).  Sunday I slept in really late – something about the dark room, and being so warm in his bed, makes me able to sleep all day!  Paul says it’s making up for the little sleep I actually get during the week, but sometimes I wonder.  We just bumed around again today, watched another movie, and watched the Islanders game (so dispointed that they won and put the leafs out of the playoffs 😦 ).

And that was about it. The last few weeks have been pretty lazy.  Haven’t done anything out of the ordinary or exciting, I think that’s part of the thing thats been bumbing me out.  I need to start getting some priorities straight, I’ve been feeling very unproductive and useless lately, not getting much done anywhere – at work or at home.  One minute I’m thinking okay this is what needs to be done, or this is how you need to keep yourself busy – get too it.  The next minute I’m sitting at the computer or watching TV and just being bumbed out for nothing.  I hope spring arrives soon – perhaps being able to get out of the house and leave work when its still light out will brighten my day.

here’s hoping to a better week!

ps – still no baby news yet from manda back home – I almost can’t wait anymore, the final week is finally here – perhaps this will kick start things.

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April 8, 2007 at 9:40 pm

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rain rain

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Okay, we shouldn’t really be complaining about the weather.  Winter didn’t show up until the middle of January, and for the last week or so the weather has been pretty decent in the city.  And normally I wouldn’t be that bummed about a good rain storm specially when there is a little thunder and lighting, however i’ve discovered that as much as I like these little storms they are better enjoyed when you are a) sharing it with someone who likes a lighting show as much as you do b) own a fire place that you can cuddle up beside and c) don’t have any place to be in the next 24 hours. 

My apartment is so hot that I have to keep my windows open all the time, so not only is the pitter patter of the raindrops hitting the windows annoying me tonight, the gusts of wind are a bit insane not to mention the sideways rain coming in.  Close the windows then you say.  Okay, I did that about an hour ago, but had to re-open cause I thought I might actually pass out – although i’ve kinda being feeling like I might pass out all day – so perhaps it wasn’t exactly the heat this time. Either way, the windows are open, the wind is blowing the curtains in, the rain is coming in making loud tapping noises while hitting the window pane, and i’m here alone. And i’m not finding any of it at all amusing.  My week of feeling crummy continues.

ps – i started this post three hours ago, since they i’ve checked facebook every 10 minutes, looked at a hundred (or close to it) knitting patterns, and watched the leafs win the hockey game.

OH and one more thing – on top of all the “rain” noise, the garbage trucks have started coming around every hour again – its truly ANNOYING! 

pps – (last thing promise) steph I got your comment 🙂 , made me cry a bit yesterday, but thank you so much for it – love you and miss you lots – glad that we will always have each other!

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April 3, 2007 at 9:19 pm

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the inevitable truth of facebook

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So I discovered three things while sitting randomly searching facebook for the 100th time today:

  1. The more time I spend searching through it, the more amazed I am at just how many people are really connected through this site and how you can re-connect with people you haven’t seen in years.
  2. The more addicted I become to finding out about people that I a) haven’t seen in years, b) just saw yesterday c) saw 5 minutes ago or d) barely know. And even though I know this is out of control and I could very well be considered under the borderline stalker category, I continue to check and update/refresh my screen every 5 minutes.
  3. The more depressed discouraged I become realizing that i’ve lost touch with so many people over the years, and then realizing that they’ve either accomplished so much more, have so much more or as it appears on the outside – seem to be way more happier then I seem to be.

Now, I can’t really complain, things in my life aren’t awful or horrible.  I’m healthy, I have the best family ever who are always supportive of the decisions I make – even if they are the wrong ones.  I have always been blessed with a roof over my head, enough food for my belly and clothes to keep me warm.  Yet I feel unfulfilled in many ways, which made me start to think of the things i’ve accomplished since high school (hoping this would make me feel better) so…since high school I have:

  • moved away from home and been on my “own” for almost 7 years 
  • paid my way through College including rent, books, tution, transportation, food, general living expenses (includes booze and dancing) 
  • started (twice) and finished College (once)
  • had 2 serious relationships, Tom – who I lived with for almost 4 years and learned a lot about myself and what I want from a life long realationship and Paul – who i’m with now, who I’m constantly learning from and discovering that love can be everything you’ve ever hoped for
  • successfully got a job in my industry (twice)
  • have been at my current job for over 3 years, and although I don’t love it, and have loads of room for improvement, have proven myself to my superiors so much that when I decided to leave, they begged me to stay 
  • paid off a portion of my OSAP loan
  • have been nominated as a “media rising star” for 2007

I haven’t had the chance to travel anywhere and when I see/hear about everyone else’s adventures and pictures from around the world my heart aches a bit that I might never have the opportunity/chance to experence that.  Being a small town girl at heart, I long for being with a true love, getting married, having a house filled with love, laughter, kids and home cooking.  I see my friends and family, growing up and getting married, and starting families of their own and I wish I was in the same spot as them.  I see myself growing apart from some people and it hurts and yet getting closer to others which makes me feel all warm inside.

Deep down I know i’m not ready for any of that stuff yet, and that in time it will all happen as it’s suppose to, but sometimes looking at everyone else so happy, clouds my judgement, makes the future look fuzzy, and gets me down in the dumps on a lonely monday night. 😦

 *ps – its taken me almost 2 hours to write this, since i stopped to check facebook at least 5 times while writing – Sad … Very Sad**

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April 2, 2007 at 10:12 pm

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