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Wow, busy week – even with two days off – it seemed really long.¬† I don’t really have much to say today, but figured I had a few minutes, and I should post something since its been a week since my last post.

Jesse’s b-day party was good last weekend, super nervous as always hanging out with new people, but all of Paul’s friends are so nice and so welcoming that after a few minutes everyone usually settles in like they’ve known each other forever – so that was nice. Spent most of the week at Paul’s, got a little too comfortable spending time there I think. Things are going very well for us, and I don’t want to jinx it, but its very comforting coming home to someone after work, and making dinner for two instead of one. ūüôā¬† I just need to keep in mind that unlike me, some people like spending time alone and doing their own thing.¬† Even though I have hobbies and stuff to do at home, I usually find myself stuck randomly surfing on the net, or parked in front of the TV doing nothing when i’m home alone – although i’m slowly getting better.

Mom and Dad are coming down today for a visit.  Chrissy got them a room at the Royal York Рfancy fancy parents I have.  We are going to dinner with the lavender clan tonight Рwell at least some of the clan for the march birthday group.  That should be nice.

oh….and while trying to keep occupied i’ve been working away on my Clapotis , I’m really liking the way its turning out.¬† I’m about half way done – I was going to cast off in a bit, however I think i want it to be a bit longer, so i’m just going to keep motoring on until i get fed up and then do the last few cast of rows. But definitely will make another one over the summer i think.



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March 31, 2007 at 12:03 pm

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oh wow…

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Two posts in one week!¬† Must be a damn good week you say….actually nothing else exciting has really happened since that last post, but sitting here bored and felt the need to post something.¬† Almost all day I’ve thought it was friday, and when I finally agreed that it was thursday¬†I was completely disapointed.¬†

Paul and I went to a free moving screening for SharkWater yesterday.¬† It was really well done, and I encourage everyone to go see it.¬† It’s a documentary about … well … sharks – thats prety much all I can say without giving anything away.¬† It was actually quite sad,¬†but if you have a chance –¬†go see it. In selected theatres starting¬†tomorrow.

Got my hair cut. This picture really doesn’t show it at all, i just like it.


Work wasn’t horrible today,¬†I solved a problem with the plan i’ve been working on for 2 weeks, although still over budget¬†– oh well. Can’t do everything.¬†¬†We had an all staff today, which mean free beer, wine, and cheesies.¬†bonus.¬†

My interview for Strategy Magazine is tomorrow, a bit nervous, but feeling more comfortable about my answers today.  Mike and Sue reviewed them for me, and they were both pleased with what I had to say, so that was a good sign.

¬†okay, thats it, enough random chatter. I need to hem pin¬†my pants for the meeting tomorrow and its getting late and suddenly i’m tired. finally. night.

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March 22, 2007 at 10:02 pm

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Alright now its been over two weeks since i’ve posted anything!¬†¬†I’m really not good at keeping this¬†thing up¬†am I.¬† Good thing no one really reads this thing.

Lots has happened in the last two weeks, Lets see – Met up with Chris (old roomie) for dinner did some catching up, it was good to see him, its been a few years since he moved out West so it was nice to meet up at our old spot and have some yummy food.

Things at work are starting to iron themselves out.¬† They finally gave me an assistant – and she quit that week – go figure.¬† But luckily they hired a new one right away – infact she started¬†yesterday – and¬†I think its going to work out very well – i’m quite excited about it actually. I’m hoping our little group of 4 can really grow and do some good things.¬† My pay raise went through last week – WOO HOO I finally make enough to live in the city (or at least pretend to).¬† I was able to put some extra money towards my credit card (pay of this damn computer) and pay off the small part of my OSAP loan – yippee!

My b-day was good, nothing too exciting. Maggie and Stace took me out to Frans for lunch on friday, so that was extra nice – and as usual super yummy.¬†¬† A Ton of people came out after work for drinks on the 9th, and although¬†I really wasn’t up for¬†going out, it was¬†a good time.¬†

img_1256.JPG img_1323.JPG

On saturday Paul and I went to brunch at the sunset grill, took an extra nap in the afternoon, and went to see ‘300’ that night – we even splurged and got¬†hot dogs¬†@ the theatre for dinner –¬†I was super excited!¬† Paul got me a new DVD player for my special occasion and came over to help me set it up on Monday night – although i knew perfectly well how to set it up – I let him be my tough boyfriend and claim i knew nothing about technology – he was happy to come and help me out! ;o)

That week I also got some more great news from work.¬† Julie (VP at Zenith) nominated me for one of Strategy Magazine’s Rising Media Stars for 2007!¬† So now they are going to interview me and put my write up and picture in the magazine – how crazy!¬† It’s an awesome honour and to be honest I do not think I deserve it one bit (I feel like I have no clue what I’m doing most of the time there!)

What else is going on….Oh – I got free tickets to Stomp last week so Paul and I went to see it – it was a fantastic show. On Saturday Lindsay, Tanya and Mike came down from KW for St. Paddy’s Day and the bunch of us went out to Finn McCools for the entire day pratically – 3pm till 11pm – it was a long drunken day – but lots of fun.

img_1416.JPG img_1430.JPG

On Sunday we all went for breakfast – and it was horrible! Bad Service and Bad Food. We won’t even mention it again.

OH and¬†I cast on (knitting) the Clapotis last week¬† – super excited. I was hoping to finish in time to wear it to Jesse’s b-day party this weekend, but its looking like that won’t happen, but it will give me something to work on my day’s off next week. Either way, its looking awesome, and I can’t wait to finish it. Pic’s to follow next time.¬†

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March 20, 2007 at 9:08 pm

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oh geeze

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Well its only been a week and i’ve already got behind in posting things, and it was even a very eventful week. woe is me.¬† oh well better late then never i suppose…so i guess i should wrap up the week past before we move to the week ahead.

First road trip weekend with Paul was wonderful!¬† Lots and Lots of driving for Paul, I felt bad I couldn’t help out, but I took care of the music and snacks so I think that made up for a bit of it.¬† We¬†left Toronto around 7pm on Friday night and drove up to Ripley, stopping in Orangeville for dinner, and detoured through Listowel, (cause we were in no hurry – and I made a slight navagation error on the map – whoops) and arrived at Paul’s mom’s around quarter to 11.¬† After chatting slightly we went to bed, very tired.


Woke up in the morning, had breakfast with the whole family, after talking with Mark on the phone, determined we needed to make a trip to Meaford to sign the paperwork on Paul’s Dad’s house – so we jumped in the car around noon and heading up to Meaford.¬† It was a great day for a drive, the sun was shinning and the snow on the trees looked so pretty!¬† We stopped in Hanover on the way up to re-fuel and get coffee.¬† Met up with Mark and Lisa in Heathcote, visited for a bit, then heading into Meaford to pic up stuff from the house and sign the papers. Then we headed back to Ripley.¬†

Although it was a long day in the car (4 hours there and back) it was nice to just chat with Paul and just be together – awe young new love. (cheesy I know)¬† Saturday night, dinner with the family, and then into Kincardine for Corey’s hockey game (they lost but put up a good fight). Sunday morning we got up and heading out on snowmobiling with Steve for the morning – the snow was really blowing on sunday and it was getting pretty cold, but bundled up on the back of the sled with Paul was quite warm and really fun!¬† (minus the almost falling off part)¬† After that we got showered and changed and headed out.¬† After a slight delay of getting stuck on the side road and having to be plowed out by the tractor, we carried on to Listowel for steph’s dad’s party.


After a short visit with Steph & Steve, we headed to KW to visit with Chrissy, Sean and Jo.¬† They were slightly delayed leaving London due to weather, so Paul and i hung out in Chapters for an hour or so watching the weather get worse, but determined to visit more before heading back home.¬† When we met up, we took a short stop at Jo’s new apartment then met up with Sean at East Side Mario’s for dinner.¬† And after a good visit and some yummy food. We left for our long journey home in the really bad snow storm ūüė¶¬†.¬† It wasn’t horrible though 80 miles an hour pretty much the whole way, and some ruff spots but we made it in 2 hours home before 10:30.

img_1027.JPG img_1033.JPG

I had Monday off which was a nice ending to a very good weekend.¬† And I managed to get nothing done that day, I’m not even sure I did much knitting, just bummed around the house.¬† I did manage to finish my sock though this week.

sock¬†I’m super proud of it.¬† It really looks like a real sock!¬†And it fits my tiny foot perfectly!¬† And despite the thoughts I had, it really is comfy!¬† (I thought i’d would be kinda itchy, but not at all) I have already started on the second one, and can’t wait until their finished and I can really show them off.

¬†And then other then the massive snow/thunder/rain storm we had this week I think that sums things up. Friday totally should have been a snow day – since I had to wait 2 hours for a bus and my street was totally flooded.¬† But being the jerks my office is I was told I “had” to come in, even though there was no “pressing” work to get done.¬† Did get some nice work photos out of the day though. Spent the weekend doing nothing at Pauls – lots of sleep, movies and knitting.¬† Wish every day could be like that.¬†¬† I’m guessing/hoping it will be a productive week, that will go by fast.¬† Although i’m not really looking forward to it, its my birthday next Saturday.¬† I’ve posted a facebook event for a small outting on friday night but I don’t expect it to be quite as wild as last year, and i’m hoping to just have the weekend fade away like this one did.

thats it for me tonight. good summary for a week I think.¬† although I’m pretty sure i’m the only one that reads my site…lol, anywho still happy to get it down.

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March 4, 2007 at 8:59 pm

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